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Worried Man Painting and a Bazillion Vintage Cigarette Coupons for Arndt Boe's tombstone

Traded With: 
Two Crazy Ladies Trading Things
Woman Holding Tombstone On Table

Okay, so Board President of Bad Fruit Foundation, Roberta Minor, will be getting the tombstone. And not because the home page of their website has a quote from me on it (a fact I realized when searching for the link to post here) but because she found the Worried Man painting in an alley. The painting that spawned at least one fight and one competition between my friend Colin and a museum. Colin lost. But Roberta will win!

I was supposed to trade with her last Sunday and she was going to make me birthday pie but I felt awful on Sunday. Awful. Don't ever order pizza in Tukwila. You'll be up all night. And that's all I'll say about it.

So, instead of fielding 1000 more offers for this tombstone and then feeling bad when people are disappointed that it's not available after all the effort they went through to put together a trade offer...I'm matching it up as a trade that has already happened. I'll update here once Roberta and I get it together for some pie. PIE! PIE!

Trade Update:

This trade happened! The lovely Roberta, Bridget (I hope I'm spelling that right) and Adam and Ashley (the first Laffhole live bARTer Sauce trade winners) came over to my place Sunday night. I made dessert because I felt so bad about cancelling on the lovely birthday pie that Roberta made me (shaking fist at pizza ordered in Tukwila).

Doug and I recently got a crockpot and I can't say enough good things about it. I made baked apples stuffed with sugar and oats and cooked them for 1000 hours in my little crockpot. And we ate it. Mmmmmmmm. With ice cream on top. Honestly, the only BAD thing I can say about the crockpot is that it came with a carrying case.

That's right. A carrying case. That says "crockpot" on the side.

Yes, you heard me correctly.

So that's definitely not good.

Roberta took the tombstone home with her and gave me an additional item for it (in addition to the Worried Man painting she found in an alley for me). A bazillion vintage cigarette coupons - aka Camel Bucks - from Brown and Williamson.


A bazillion.