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Ryan Trades Me 4 Stickers with Original Artwork for Pickled Eyeball Candle

Traded With: 
Ryan, bARTer Sauce trader
Ryan, bARTer Sauce trader
Ryan, bARTer Sauce trader

This is the email Ryan sent me the morning after First Thursday

I always like to find out what happens to trades after they leave my hands and I thought you guys might be curious as well.....

I don't remember what you said I was suppose to write to you about. Any-whoo, the eye candle that I received- we burned it after artwalk. Then I left it at my friends house. Just wanted to write you before I forgot.

Q: Where did you get the glasses you were wearing at First Thursday?
A: online

Q: Have you ever gotten married in Vegas?
A: no

Q: If you were walking on a beach and you stumbled across a creature washed up on the shore - it has the head of a moose and the body of an octopus - what would you do first?
A: Examine then photograph.

Q: Do you ever think that it would be awesome to walk around with a metal detector?
A: no

Q:  Your friends you were with at First Thursday - do you have any embarrassing stories you can tell me about them?
A: yes

Q: Have you ever drawn, to your knowledge, a perfect circle?
A: no

Q: If your mom could watch what you do for 24 hours straight - would she be proud?
A: no comment