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Sara Trades Me "Two Red Screamers" for "Mona Didn't Need Bling"

Traded With: 
Sara and Rosalie - the skirt controversy finally over.

Sara showed up at the May First Thursday art walk with a surprise trade for me.

Seeing her brought back all kinds of memories. Let me tell you about the last time I saw Sara:

We were at the Punk Rock Flea Market. I was innocently setting up our table of Shower Art when suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the most amazing thing in the history of the universe. I saw the answer to all of my prayers (let's pretend I pray). I saw the answer to the mystery of the universe itself.

It was a skirt. Not just any skirt, but the best skirt I have ever seen. It was white and aqua and red with polka dots. It had embroidery. It was a wrap skirt so it would fit just about anyone. And, (drumroll) it was FIVE DOLLARS.

I saw it and immediately ran to my bag to rustle around and see if someone had mysteriously put any money in there. They hadn't. Then it took a moment or two of witty banter with Doug before I could make him give me his FIVE DOLLARS. I don't fault him in all of this. He didn't know and I didn't have time to explain.

I ran (literally ran) back to the vendor who was selling the skirt and looked at her expectantly, sure that she would know why I was there. She just looked at me like she wasn't sure why I was there. So I said, "That skirt. Where is that skirt you just had." The vendor turned slowly to Sara who was standing next to her with the skirt in her hand.

Sara took the skirt, put it on over the other skirt she was wearing and walked around all day, taunting me. I tried being nice to her. I tried threatening her. I tried bribing her. I tried to give her FIVE DOLLARS. I tried telling her I was going to be waiting for her in the parking lot.

Nothing worked.
She kept the skirt.
But she was smart enough not to wear it when she came to trade with me at the studio.

That's my turf, bitch. I'd have that skirt and no one would ever see you again.
but instead....
I just whined more about how she had something I wanted.
Because I'm five.

Sara was kind enough to submit her side of the "best skirt in the world" story:

The best skirt in the world was made by my friend Betsy.

At the last Punk Rock Flea Market Betsy had a momentary lapse of sanity because she was moving and doesn't everybody have lapses of sanity when they're moving? Anyways she decided she would sell a ton of her cool stuff for $5 to clean out her studio.

I was sharing a table with her at PRFM and after we got all set up I spotted the skirt and said OMG this is an amazing skirt! And I handed her $5 just as Rosalie, who was at the next table over with UglyBaby Shower Art came around the corner also holding out $5.

The skirt was already in my hands so I won. But then Rosalie made unveiled threats at me all day as I pranced around wearing the skirt. I was quite lucky to make it out of there alive. And now I can't wear the skirt without looking over my shoulder all the time...

Last time I wore it I was in Port Townsend where I figured I would be safe.