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Sean Trades Me Empire Man and Faceless Wedding Couple for Hairy Lady and PillowMan

Traded With: 
Sean, in the bathroom

Sean has done so many trades with bARTer Sauce that I was on the verge of considering him a real friend even though we have never met in person.

He ruined it all by taking my "interview questions" very literally. Bastard.

Temple had a really different take on them. Now that's how you answer my "interview questions." Seriously. Sean is a bastard. Email him at theovenhelp (at) Tell him.

My "Interview Questions":

Q: What did the monkey say to the fork?
A: ooo ooo ahh ahh *throw poo*

Q: Why?
A: That's what monkeys do. Fact, it is proven science. Look that shit up.

Q: How come the fork can talk?
A: We never said the fork can talk. We just said the monkey talked to it. But really all we said is that the monkey made noises and threw feces. So I wouldn't really call that talking.

Q: Where did the monkey find the fork?
A: In the cabinets. Where the forks nap.

Q: Were the monkey and the fork friends or enemies?
A: Well the monkey isn't smart enough or capable enough to make enemies, but had he been. They would totes be enemies. Fork poke. Monkey throw. Not compatible.

Q: Did they throw potatoes at each other?
A: Nope. Just the aforementioned poo throwing occurred. The fork did nothing, its a fork Rosalie. Get with the program.

Q: If so, did they do it to be funny or to hurt each other?
A: No comment. Read above.

Q: What did the fork say back to the monkey?
A: Seriously, its a fork. I thought we discussed this. Fork, made of metal, forged by man. Inanimate. No life force. No talkey, no walkey, no throw spuds.

Q: Tell me how you got your job at the carpet place?
A: Through an application and interview process one would find in standard employment positions.