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Sean trades me "Old Man Murder" for "Fangy Tomato and Friend"

Traded With: 
Old Man Murder

Sean lives far away, so we do all of our trades through the mail.

Now, it's really exciting for me to get a package in the mail, examine it momentarily then, rip it open in a rush to find the great art inside. And, as exciting as that is, that description probably won't remain exciting through the history of all Sean's trades. He's made a few:

Q: What happened when you met your first girl/boy friend's parents for the first time?

A: Upon meeting my girlfriends Dad for the first time.... I arrived at the residence to pick up my first girl/boy friend and when I rang the door bell the father answered the door. And when I say answer, I mean that the door flew open and a man in his whitey tighty underwear as hairy as a bear lunged at me with crazy eyes and asked me what I wanted. To which I promptly and calmly replied ... Samantha?

Q: What are your favorite websites?

A: (awwwwwhhhhhh)

Q: Do you read on the john or just get down to business?
A: It's business time.

Q: What do you read?
A: This email.

(NOTE from Rosalie: Although I try not to show it, this hurts me. This hurts me.)

Q: Do you like cats? (my friend's cat wanted me to ask you that)
A: No... but i love LOLcats. Nom Nom Nom

Q: Do you have a lot of money?
A: No, can i have some of yours?

Q: Can I have some?
A: No, I asked you first.

Q: What do you like to do besides painting?
A: I don't like to paint, who assumed that? That's racist.