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Sean Trades Me Three Things For Three Other Things

Traded With: 
Sean, as a comic
Sean, in the bathroom

This trade, like many others recently, happened through the mail.

And while I love expanding bARTer Sauce to new areas of the globe, I do kind of miss the trading in person part of it. Now, in order to spice this up a little bit, I've decided that I'll ask anyone who trades with me through the mail to tell me an extra, bonus, double-good story. Along those lines, I asked Sean to tell me about when he first learned that there was no Santa Claus.

Sean, on Santa (not in a weird way):

Perhaps it is because something bad happened. Perhaps it is because an accident happened. Or perhaps its because my memory is shot. Hell, perhaps its because i didn't care to recall - but my childhood is vanished.

I only remember bits and pieces. So on the Santa topic I do recall this. Frankly, probably only because there was video - but - as we were. The first time that i knew that Santa was REAL and came to my house was the morning that we CAUGHT Santa on film! That's right children! My brother, sister, father and I set up the family camera on a tripod and then hid it inside the tree so that you couldn't see it - but it could sure see Santa! It was fool proof, and boy did it work!

The next morning we walked down stairs to see all of our spoils spread about the floor and despite that - the first thing we went to go see was the camera! We couldn't wait to see how it happened. Then was we waited in anticipation - we fast forwarded past midnight, 1 am, 2 am and then BAM! There it was a giant red blur in fast forward! We slowed down the film and watched in awe as Santa Claus himself pulled our gifts out of a bag and placed them under the tree and around the room! It was amazing! I will never forget the day I discovered - full proof - that Santa Claus was REAL!

Thanks Sean. You're a real sport. And for some reason you must either still believe in Santa, or you think that children are visiting this website. To be honest though, if children are navigating here, they have bigger problems than learning there is no Santa. Problems you traded to The Sauce, Sean. I submit to you, exhibit A: Angry Naked Man with Drip of Pee Dangling from his Dangle.