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Sean Trades Me Weird Rooster Thing and Empire Man BobbleHead Doll for Sock Portal Painting

Traded With: 
Sean, taking pictures of himself in the bathroom
Sean's Proof about Ruttabegas

I thought this package would never arrive.

That it was lost forever. But then, just moments after I emailed Sean to ask him, "Where the eff is my effing package?" he sent this explanation: 

"Well don't get too crazy yet.  They look a lil disorganized down in the apartment office, so it honestly could have ended up in the mail to pick up room instead of the mail to ship out room and boom - never makes it to the post.  I'll head down on my lunch break and see what the deal is.  I'm betting it's sitting in the 14105 bin to pick up. 

I say this because a day or two before I dropped yours off I had to make a mock package for my girlfriend Samantha.  She left her keys in the apartment and was flying in.  So I left her a "package" to pick up that was delivered right to the pickup room.  That way when she got home her keys would be sitting in the office for her to pick up and get.  The office thought I was leaving secret love notes and gifts.  So the lady at the desk when I dropped off the package may have just assumed it was the same deal and left it in there.  Here's hoping..."

Following are the "interview" questions I sent Sean:

Q: How manly do you think having a Mustang Convertible would make you? Not much more manly, too manly or just the right amount of manly.

A: I think having a mustang convertible would not genetically enhance my manliness, however to how you put it, it would increase my level of Douchiterin levels in my brain.  I would be forced to go full blown douche.  I'm talking sideways caps, driving scarves and gloves, quadouple levels of popped colors of collars.  You get the idea.

Q: If you were pressed for time and could only do one of the following before leaving your house - which would you do: put on pants, eat horseradish or brush your teeth?

A: Trick question my friend.  Because I soak my pants in a horseradish mixture nightly and scrub my teeth with them daily.  So I guess if I had to choose between putting on the horseradish pants or nom/brushing with them - i'd have to choose the brushing - traditions and rituals are there for a reason.

Q:  Do you think rudabegas look and taste like potatoes?

A: Per my attached image below I think I've proven that rutabagas look more like choad carrots than potatoes. As far as taste - i wouldn't know.  I have never dared.

Q: If you could have as many fish sticks as you wanted, how many would that be?

A: ∞ - Fish Sticks = Awesome. Know that!

Q:  Winter or Solar Ice Storm? Which do you think you would prefer?
A: I choose Solar Ice Storms.  Simply because mixing solar energy and ice can never go wrong.  It's like ying and yang - made for each other.