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Stacy Trades me A Faux-Steam Punk Box for Felted Creatures

Traded With: 
Stacy and her evil ladybird prepare their minions for an evening of fighting goo

Stacy came to the May First Thursday Art Walk to trade me her Faux-Steampunk box.

She was trying to make it steampunk and then when she showed it to her (possibly mean) friend, her friend said it couldn't be steampunk.


Who cares what's steampunk and what isn't steampunk?

Apparently not me.

Although I also had to ask what the heck steampunk is. I thought it was because I was old, but apparently it's been around for a good bit of time and I just didn't know about it. So it's not that I'm old, it's that I'm lame. Which doesn't feel any better. For sure.

All I know is that the box is really, really cool and everyone who was in the studio with Stacy brought it in was ooooohing and aaaaaaaahing about it.

And then I think there was one guy who was hitting on her. Is that right Stacy? Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm right. I'm pretty sure Stacy and I made some weary eye contact after he left. Or maybe he's a good friend of hers and I'm totally insulting her now by insinuating that he'd had a little too much "Art Walk Juice" and was perhaps a little stumbly.

Oh well.

I think she'll still talk to me again even if that is the case.