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Susannah gives me a horrible statue of a frog riding a turtle and is sad to learn she has to take something in exchange

Hot Turtle on Turtle Action

At work one day, Susannah surprised me with a trade for a horrible statue of a frog riding a turtle.

Then I surprised her by letting her know I'd be bringing something in to leave on her desk in exchange! I love surprises!

The frog lived on my desk at work for quite a long time, but I finally brought home Susannah's surprise trade and took pictures of it. I still owe her one conquistador diorama but she'll have to be patient. I ride the bus and it just never sounds exciting to me to carry around a conquistador diorama on the bus. It would be too much like bragging. Okay, you're right...I'm afraid people will make fun of me.

Note from The Sauce: One year later, Susannah received her conquistador diorama. It won't surprise you to learn that I - yet again - forgot to bring the camera.