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Tara Trades Me Twisted Tree Tee for Two Headed Boy Painting

Traded With: 
Tara and Rosalie makin' a bARTer Sauce trade

Tara and I often share a space at crafty events and the like so that she can sell shirts to everyone who walks by and Doug and I can sit there, surrounded by Shower Arts and be really supportive of her.

She designs fantastic shirts and screenprints them in her basement in her jammies.

I try to resist buying her stuff but I just can't. Every time we're sharing a booth at a show I think, "Well, the down side is we probably won't sell as much as Tara, but the up side is that I probably already own one of each of her shirts so I won't have to buy another one." Wrong. She's ALWAYS making new stuff that I just have to have.

Her shop is called Revival Ink. Normally I would advise you to buy all of Tara's stuff right away. But, since I know that her stuff is as addictive as crack, I caution you to think carefully. Think safety. Do you have a lot of money? Are you going to be getting a lot of money soon? Then yes, go for it. If you need to space it out, can you afford $30 a paycheck? Then you're good. Go ahead to Revival Ink. If you're already shy on rent money, don't even click on the link. I warned you. When you're homeless with a great t-shirt, don't blame me.

Most recently, Tara and I did a show in Kenmore for EtsyRAIN. We didn't share a booth, but we did end up right next to each other. Lots of people came by to check out the show and get one of our 50 swag bags that we gave away to the first folks in line.

I sold a Shower Art that I never expected to sell. In fact, when I made it, I said to Doug, "Here's one that we will never get rid of." It had a tiny champage bottle inside and I put a decapitated baby head on top of the champagne bottle. Then, I added a button that said, "Think Safety." The woman who bought it said, "This is PERFECT." Doug looked at me and I could tell he was thinking, "For what?"

We'll never know.