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Temple Gives Me Needlepoint Racoons for Time Machine Parts

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Temple's Trade with bARTer Sauce
Temple's Trade with bARTer Sauce
Temple's Trade with bARTer Sauce

Temple's story of the first thing she can remember that surprised her:

"When I'd just learned to open doors by myself, I was going into the backyard of my family home and nearly put my hand on a large, white spider. My mother heard this haunting low bellow of what seemed like a scream of aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa as I recoiled in surprise.

After that, I started collecting spiders in jars. When I was 7, my mom found 40+ jars in my room with all kinds of garden spiders under my bed. My first surprise became a game of enprisonment. Conquering fears with you since age 3."

I think MY biggest fear now is of 40+ jars of spiders under my bed.

Thanks Temple!

Temple talked me into mailing her a bunch of the Time Machine Parts -- or as many as will fit in one of those boxes they made for the troops -- where you pay $12 and you can mail as much stuff as you can shove in it and weight doesn't matter. The perfect mailing option for Time Machine Parts, which tend to be a little on the heavy side.