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Temple Trades Me Stuffed Dooky Kiss for Tiny Head

Traded With: 
Temple and a stuffed kiss
Temple's Extras
Temple's Extras

Temple was subjected to my "interview" questions...which are..well, of a rather even odder nature than normal.

She was kind enough to play along:

Q: What did the monkey say to the fork?
A: EeeeeooooOOOOoahahahAHHAH AH AH AH!

Q: Why?
A: Monkeys don't need forks.

Q: How come the fork can talk?
A: It is actually a tuning fork and only says one thing, "OM!"

Q: Where did the monkey find the fork?
A: The fork fell out of the pocket of the trainer who feeds the monkey. The monkey is actually training for an essay writing contest in November 2009.

Q: Were the monkey and the fork friends or enemies?
A: I could not tell what the monkey was actually saying to the fork since I do not speak monkey, BUT I do know that it is difficult to be angry with things that exist in the eternal OM of everything.

Q: Did they throw potatoes at each other?
A: No. The potatoes were out of season, and the fork's Jedi Mind Tricks were weak that day.

Q: If so, did they do it to be funny or to hurt each other?
A: They seemed to try to sing together rather than throw things. The monkey threw poo, but that is normal. If potatoes had been in season, I think they would have thrown them in an attempt to communicate the deeper layers of reality that humans fail to see.

Q: What did the fork say back to the monkey?
A: OM!

Crap and Karma

Temple always sends a bunch of other crap with her trades. I think it's karma paying me back for all the times that I have sent people crap in the mail:

My cousin Kim when she went to college
My cousin Jodi when she went to college
My cousin Erin on her birthday

Each of the above got a big box of - basically garbage - that I wanted to get rid of.

My friend/co-worker Colin who moved to NY and then received many packages of literal garbage I found around the office.

To everyone. I'm sorry. Just know that Temple has the whole revenge thing covered.