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Terri Trades me Saint Adolph Wolfli for Holy Souvenirs Batman!

Traded With: 
Terri McNamara on bARTer Sauce with Holy Souvenirs Trade
Terri McNamara on bARTer Sauce with Holy Souvenirs Trade

Terri sent me a link to her super awesome Etsy shop that depicts close ups of food being horrified as it is eaten.

I luuuuurrrrves it!

And, as usual, I made Terri tell me things about herself in the form of "Interview" questions: 

Q: How many real friends do you have?
A:Hmmm . . . maybe 10?

Q: How many acquaintances?
A: More than 250.

Q: Do any of the acquaintances think that they are your friends? List their first and last names here.
A: Ha ha.  Nice try.

Q: Were you good at dodgeball?
A: I was always tied as the last one standing with a girl named LeeAnn in highschool.  We were friends, and we stood perfectly still except for when we bit our nails or something like that.  And then everyone would realize it was just us, and we'd get pegged with about ten of them at the same time.  Good times.

Q: Do you think it would be hard to be friends with a hermit crab even if they could talk and write and have Etsy shops just like you and I?
A: No.  The talking and etsy shop thing . . . that just makes me want to be his friend even more.

Q: What do you do for money?
A: I watch people run on treadmills.  And when they're huffing and puffing, I'm trying to egg them on further.  Occasionally, I give them medicine . . .  I'm a nurse!

Q: How many pancakes can you eat before you're just cussing sick of 'em?
A: Wow- I did that a few years ago when I first got married!  Every weekend, I made pancakes from scratch for my hubby and me.  My biggest fantasy back then was to run a B&B . . .  Presently, I cannot stand pancakes.  And they were good, but I think I just burned out on them.

Q: Do you think it's unreasonable to have someone outside your window jackhammering at 9:30 on a Saturday morning?
A: Well, it's better than at 9:30 at night.

Q: How much on a scale of 1-18 do you like garage sales?
A: 18!!!

Q: Were you trouble when you were a pre-teen girl? Provide two examples.
A: A pre-teen?- no.  No, not a pre-teen.