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Tim Trades me an Abandoned Artists' Sketch Book for the Ceramic Chip and Dip Bowl with Ceramic Chips

Traded With: 
Abandoned Artists Sketch Book in bARTer Sauce
Man Holding A Picture Of A Naked Woman

Tim came by First Thursday on 12/6 and read about bARTer Sauce.

He lives in the area and said he always finds cool artistey stuff abandoned in his building. He left and came back a bit later with this artists sketch book as a trade. How great is that? He picked out the ceramic chip and dip bowl complete with ceramic chips. Good taste too!

Tim and I didn't get much of a chance to talk, but I did learn that he makes a living going to garage sales. This peaked my interest because there's really nothing more that I like to do than go to garage sales and thrift stores. Other people's garbage amazes me. Well, I guess I like making Shower Art a little more, but really, they go hand in hand. Find weird little figures at a garage sale. Put them in Shower Art. It's a match made in heaven.

Anyway, I hope Tim comes back to First Thursday next month because I was so flabbergasted (did I just say flabbergasted? I'm not feeling well) that he came back with a trade that I forgot to get a picture of him. Rats!

Note from The Sauce: Phew - Tim came back so I could get a picture. Huzzah!