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Travis Trades Me Sunset Window for Mirror of Holiday Death

Traded With: 
Stranger inTown
Travis and the MIrror of Holiday Death
Travis and the MIrror of Holiday Death

I put an ad on craigslist recently because I am trying to get rid of all the large items in bARTer Sauce.

I have to ship The Sauce to Sacramento, CA for an art show at Side Show Studios and I'd rather not ship anything that weighs over 100 lbs or measures 5 feet in any direction. It just wouldn't be wise.

At the start I had four really large and/or heavy items. I managed to trade away two of them pretty quickly. Two were left: Mirror of Holiday Death and the Toylet. My ad asked for people to trade me small pieces of their artwork in exchange for one of my large items.

Travis was kind enough to trade me for the heavy Mirror of Holiday Death. However, he didn't trade me anything small. No. It is probably the largest, heaviest thing I've ever had in bARTer Sauce. But I figured it was okay to trade one heavy thing for another heavy thing. At least it's a different heavy thing, right? Right. It's a huge window with a sunset painted on it. It has taken over our studio for the moment and I'm excited to make space for it on one wall so it looks like we have a view (our studio has no real windows).

So, if you read this before 8/10/10 and you live in Seattle and can transport a very large, (probably five feet by four feet) very heavy window and you want to give me a small piece of your artwork -- get in touch!

Travis was kind enough to answer some of my "interview" questions. Here's what he had to say: 

Q: How did you find The Sauce?
A: I found The Sauce at PROK last night

Q: How long have you had that sunset painting?
A: I finished the painting 21 days ago.

Q: How many cats do you have?
A: I have 1 leprechaun

Q: Have you or would you ever, under any circumstances,
clip your toenails in public?

A: I would pay 25 cents plus tip to clip just the big toes in front of the news stand.

Q: Do you mow your own lawn?
A: What's a lawn?

Q: If you were ever a landlord, do you think you would be a slumlord? Or would you be cool? Or would you be the guy who thinks he is cool and hands out too long?
A: I would never be lord of land, I don't like titles and I'm never where I'm not wanted.