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USDA Prime Cut Pin Up Girl, Pokemon & Other Voices for Grab Bag Mystery Item

Traded With: 
bARTer Sauce Trade

Jake traded me a painting of USDA prime meat cuts and a pin up girl by his friend Toast, a Pokemon drawing that he did and an autographed copy of "Other Voices - A Literary Journal Created by People wth Mental Illnesses" for the Grab Bag Mystery Item that I can never reveal for reasons you don't need to know about.

We met in front of Best Buy in Northgate...which means one thing: We're right by TARGET! Coming from the Midwest, I love Target. Love it. I went there. It was great.

Jake loves video games -- we had a great conversation on the phone about Chibi Robo (my all time favorite video game) and when we met in person he promised to try and remember the lyrics to the song that he wrote in order to get the USDA prime meat cuts and pin up girl painting.

We chatted for a bit in Northgate and then we gave Jake a ride home (he doesn't like to ride the bus -- Who does?) because he's right in the neighborhood. He ran in for a moment and grabbed a couple of things he wanted to add to his painting trade: The Pokemon drawing and a copy of "Other Voices."

Here's Jacob's bio from "Other Voices":
Jacob lives in Seattle, Washington. Among his many hobbies and interests; he is a poet, a writer, a TV personality of a local cable access station show, and he aspires to be a film maker. He loves the cinema and arts. He has a great love for animanls and has a dachshund named Miss Dee who keeps him company. When he isn't writing he can usually be found at his computer chatting with his e-pals. He was first published at the age of 18, in a high school poetry publication that featured poets from several schools in Washington.