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Victoria & Tim Trade Me Six Things for Snoopy

Traded With: 
Victoria and Rosalie making cute faces
Snoopy between metal breastseses
Victoria helping Rosalie on with giant metal bra
Snoopy between metal breastseses
Victoria licking Snoopy.
Victoria. Alone. Plus blurry.

Victoria and Time were moving. Big time. Getting rid of lots of art and moving away. This is one of those Sauce scenarios where it just may be that someone is much more interested in having The Sauce come over and haul away the stuff that they don't want as opposed to really loving The Sauce. That's okay. Sometimes that's the only way good stuff ever gets into The Sauce. When people are freaking pressed for time. Plus, they've done two trades with me in the past, so I know they's good peoples.

Vitoria and I made arrangements to get together the evening that they were supposed to be out of their loft for good. No pressure. When I arrived, there were two young guys with masks on sitting in the hallway. I didn't even have to wonder for a second why they were wearing masks -- it smelled like some serious-ass paint fumes in there. Not just "oh I'm repainting my apartment" paint fumes --but full on "I'm holding this spray paint up to your eyelids" kind of paint fumes. It was the opposite of lovely.

Tim and Victoria's place looked like it was once super awesome and covered with all kinds of art - but by the time I got there, it was pretty effing empty. Victoria had lined up all of the pieces that I had to choose from. I managed to get away with only taking six -- no matter how much I wanted some of the others. I know myself and the stress of taking pictures and updating the site with six new Sauce items would probably almost kill me. I'm barely hanging on as I write this. To Victoria's credit, she did try. She tried to get me to take everything. She kept casually saying things like, "Oh you know, why don't we just help you take all of this stuff over to your studio." I held fast and got out of there with just the six. Phew. It wasn't easy sister. It wasn't easy.

Victoria probably could have totally taken advantage of me in my paint-fume stupor. I didn't realize quite how dizzy the fumes were making me until we walked outside into the "fresh" air under the viaduct. Phew. Possibly the first time in history that the air under the viaduct was described as "fresh."

It's all relative baby.